Comment choisir la machine d'estampage en papier d'aluminium?
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Comment choisir la machine d'estampage en papier d'aluminium?

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The following factors need to be considered when choosing Foil Stamping Machine: 

 1. Model: Choose the model according to your needs. The foil stamping machine is divided into two types: plane type and transfer type. If you need to stamp flat items, such as envelopes, business cards, etc., choose a flat stamping machine; if you need to stamp curved items, such as wine bottles, water glasses, etc., choose a transfer stamping machine. 

 2. Specifications: Choose specifications according to the width, usually there are foil stamping machines with different specifications such as 10cm, 18cm, and 25cm. 

 3. Power: The higher the power, the faster the stamping speed. Choose the appropriate power according to your needs. 

 4. Control system: Modern foil stamping machines are equipped with computer control systems, which can control parameters such as temperature and time more conveniently, and improve the accuracy and stability of hot stamping. 

 5. Brand and price: Choose a reputable brand to ensure the quality of the equipment and after-sales service. Choose equipment with an appropriate price according to your own economic situation. 

 To sum up, when choosing a hot stamping machine, you should consider various aspects such as model, specification, power, control system, brand and price according to actual needs, and choose a foil stamping machine that suits you after comprehensive consideration.

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